Dr. Sean Callanan


Dr. Callanan, dean of Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, is a research and diagnostic boarded veterinary pathologist. Following graduation from the School of Veterinary Medicine at University College Dublin (UCD) in 1987, he initially undertook internships at UCD and then at the University of Glasgow, where he obtained his certificate in veterinary radiology. This was followed by a combined PhD and residency program at University of Glasgow where he was awarded his PhD in 1994 for studies on feline immunodeficiency virus and membership of the Royal College of Pathologists in 1996. Following a period of time as a toxicological pathologist at Sanofi Winthrop (Alnwick, UK) he returned to Ireland , initially as a research officer in the Department of Agriculture and then as a lecturer in the School of Veterinary Medicine, UCD. During 15 years at UCD he progressed to associate professor and was Head of Department. 

Prior to being appointed dean in 2016, Dr. Callanan has served as professor of veterinary pathology, director of postgraduate studies, and head of both the Department of Biomedical Sciences and the Center for Integrative Mammalian Research.


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