Dr. Darryn Knobel


Dr. Knobel’s research encompasses the epidemiology, impact and control of infectious diseases in populations at interfaces. Engaging a One Health approach, he studies the epidemiology of multi-host pathogens that affect animal and human populations. His specific topic of interest is the epidemiology and control of rabies in domestic dog and wild canid populations in AfricaHis current research explores the question of non-specific effects of rabies vaccine and other vaccines in dogs. Non-specific effects are unanticipated effects of vaccines that may manifest as a general increase or decrease in rates of illness or death in host populations that cannot be explained by the specific protective effect induced by the vaccine. To address this topic, Dr. Knobel employs a skillset as a quantitative epidemiologist that encompasses randomized controlled trials, analysis of time-to-event data (survival analysis), analysis of mediation and effect modification, and sensitivity analysis. 

As the Director for the Center for Conservation Medicine and Ecosystem Health at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (RUSVM), Dr. Knobel also oversees the center's focus on the role of wildlife and the broader ecosystem in the emergence of disease, and conversely, on the impact of infectious diseases from humans or domestic animals on wildlife. Conservation medicine and ecosystem health are emerging fields in the study of diseases in populations. They apply the principle of One Healththe recognition that the health of humans, animals, and the ecosystems in which they live, are inextricably linked. Infectious diseases in particular can no longer be studied in isolation, as these diseases often affect multiple species, including humans, domestic animals and wildlife. 


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