Dr. Ananda Muller


Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Dr. Müller studied Veterinary Medicine at Fluminense Federal University in Brazil, graduating in 2005. In 2006 she finished the Veterinary Clinical Pathology specialty program and was awarded a Fellowship to enroll the Master at Fluminense Federal University, when she started working with molecular diagnosis of Vector Borne Diseases. After being awarded a Fellowship in 2008, she started a PhD in in the same University. During her PhD she performed molecular characterization of intracellular bacteria and developed skills in bioinformatics, sequencing and phylogeny, while attending a postgraduate specialization program in higher education.

As soon as she finished her PhD in 2012, she moved to Valdivia, southern Chile, to work at the Austral University of Chile. As an associate Professor at Universidad Austral de Chile, Dr. Müller taught Veterinary Clinical Pathology for the DVM students and Molecular Diagnosis in the postgraduate program (Master and PhD levels) for 7 years, being also the head of the Veterinary Clinical Pathology and Molecular Diagnostics Laboratories. Dr. Müller joined RUSVM on April 2019, as an assistant Professor of Veterinary Bacteriology.


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