Dr. Aline Vieira


Dr. Aline Vieira has a DVM degree through the Fluminense Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, 1999), a residency in Small Animal Medicine (internship equivalent) at the State University of Londrina (Brazil, 2003), a MSc in Animal Medicine and Reproduction by the Fluminense Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, 2007), and a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Brazil, 2013). 

Dr. Vieira was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Brisbane (Australia, 2013-2014) and at the State University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, 2015-2016). She has worked as a lecturer in the field of physiology, endocrinology and metabolism since 2007 and collaborates in clinical and experimental studies related with the endocrine system.  


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